What is a Sacred Introvert?

When Sacred Introvert showed up in my consciousness last year it seemed to appear fully formed. Immediately I headed to my local Apple store and enlisted a creative to help put the logo I could see in my mind’s eye to paper. It took just 40 minutes to do. Once I had the logo Sacred Introvert felt real to me and other elements began to reveal themselves in quick succession. I can only remember one other time in my life something showed up this organically. Sacred Introvert felt like something I had to do, not a choice~a mission~part of my life’s plan.

But my initial feeling about why “Sacred Introvert”. Why the word “Sacred”. Why pair it with “Introvert”.

My own spiritual life has always been important to me. That ever evolving quest to answer the eternal “why am I here” and “what the heck am I doing”. And why does it seem like I am always having a vivid conversation in my head with an unknown someone. A conversation that is infinitely more interesting then most of what I am drawn into in my everyday life. I attributed this to my journey towards “realization”. Trying to explain it to anyone seemed useless as, most of the time, I would be met with a blank stare like I was getting too deep and serious. Not many people wanted to go there so I just shrugged it off and though I must seem weird to them. But it was frustrating. I wanted someone to understand. Yet it was very personal and private so it wasn’t my intention to put it out for public consumption or judgment.

So when I self identified as an introvert less then two years ago and familiarized myself with introvert characteristics things began to shift. I asked myself, was my being an introvert directly related to why my life felt like a lesson in how to be the real me. The me that is timeless and ageless, unaffected by external forces and has always existed in some form and will never die?

I began to connect with more introverts and it felt like I was finally meeting my people. And as I shared this new knowledge on introversion with others in my everyday comings and goings, I discovered many found something of themselves in what I described. It felt like a blessing to be able to share this information.

The meaning of “Sacred” is often associated with the word “Holy” and has religious connotations. What many don’t know is the word “Holy’ is derived from the word “whole”. Introverts have often been stuck with a constantly repeating subliminal message from society at large that we are not whole. The most ironic part is the world delivering this message seems to have a perpetual case of multiple personality disorder. Producing a parade of opposing criteria that insists being whole is easily attained through yet another outside pursuit. The introvert seems to be fairly oblivious to much of this. Happy to move along to the beat of their own quiet drum. This clarity most likely can appear mind boggling from the outside looking in. So, like Frankenstein’s monster, introverts often get chased down due to lack of understanding. Then this lack of understanding gets translated into something being wrong. This debilitating scenario must stop being played out. Its time to take back the word “Sacred” and pair it with this often misunderstood word “Introvert” because we as Sacred Introverts are all perfect, whole and complete right where we stand at this very moment.

Life by its mere nature is sacred. Introverts have an ability to experience the sacred in what others may view as mundane. This ability to experience the sacred with ease and grace is a gift. By honoring the gift we discover we may be able to share a bit of it in a world that desperately needs a bit more sacred and surely a bit more simplicity. It is in the simplicity of life that we find authentic connection to something larger then our own existence.  And through this connection to the divine any thoughts of being less than whole begin to disintegrate.

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Lisa Avebury is a Sacred Introvert who is a world traveler, animal rescuer, social activist, stone circle enthusiast, art lover and volunteer. In her spare time you may find her watching countless hours of “Time Team” on Youtube cuddled up to her best bud “Douglas Fur”. Lisa is the founder of Sacred Introvert and she has been offering therapeutic, healing work in LA and via Skype since 1995. www.circleseeker.com www.sacredintrovert.com

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  1. June 30, 2014 @ 7:32 PM Ellissabeth

    Lisa, my goodness, the title of your writing “What is a Sacred Introvert” caught my eye, as I too, am a self-discovered introvert. Being an introvert, for me, has always shown itself in a preference to be alone, setting away from others, human beings anyway. Not because I don’t like people, but because I truly am at my best when I am in my own company to think my own thoughts and experience the beauty of the world around me without garnering another’s opinions or trying to sway them into my way of thinking. There’s just no interest there. The one caveat, however, is my passion for animals and my choice to center my worldly life around dogs (mine or anybody’s) and horses (wild or domesticated) over people. I feel a synergy when I’m with canines or equines, that I don’t feel around human beings. I feel their gentleness, strength, intensity, and I am at peace. It’s at those times I feel being an introvert is a spiritual gift. I am not a weirdo, or eccentric, or even anti social. I am simply at my best with the gentler creatures and animal souls of this world, and my own company, than I am with human beings who tend, as a whole, to challenge, judge, compete and manipulate. Like your definition of a sacred introvert, my feelings on this are very unique. I agree with you Lisa, that introverts do experience the sacred in what others view as mundane.


    • June 30, 2014 @ 9:05 PM Lisa Avebury

      Ellissabeth thank you for the lovely comment. I to am one who feels a very special kinship with the animal kingdom. As I write this my ever present quiet companion “Douglas Fur” patiently hangs out. It is nice to be with another Spirit but to not be forced to use words to communicate. We sound very alike you and I as I am also not anti social per se~I love being social but I like it in small doses. I think we are blessed to be able to find the magic in the every day. It’s all special then~as it should be! xoxxo Lisa


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