The Intimate Introvert

I write intimately. I live intimately. I love intimately. I suppose this way of being is largely due to the way I process everything — deeply. This introverted way of taking in the world only allows for quality, not quantity. Too much stimulation and too many interactions and I become edgy, irritable and overwhelmed. Although there are days my temperament feels limiting and inferior, there are many days it feels delicious, dreamy, inspiring, rare and vibrantly sacred.

In the space of just me…


I have discovered the richness of solitude. The anxiety of living quickly, competitively and superficially dissolves in solitude. The external world remains outside the door until I let it in and allow it to meld intimately with my inner world.


In the slow quiet of reading, thinking, writing, walking, listening to music and daydreaming, ideas and images bubble up in unorthodox combinations and emotions dance with creativity.

In the room of just me I find clarity, an awareness about myself, others, the world, love, hate, beauty, good, bad…

I am not lonely when I am alone. I am free. I am deeply me.

In this sacred space I intimately return to me so that I have the energy to intimately reach out to others.

Intimate endeavors foster intimate connections

Oh how I love sharing beloved books! The thrill of divulging favorite analogies and passages is energizing. The validation, understanding and human connection uncovered along the way, life-changing.

Oh how I love sharing writing! The transference of thoughts to words to stories is magical. The satisfaction of figuring out you are not alone, divine.

Through writing, reading and deep listening I’ve witnessed others’ lives.

This happened to me and this is how I felt.

I see myself in your story.

You are me.

Is there anything more intimate than sharing your story?

Love deeply

I have been immersed in the heady intimacy of love. I have left loving relationships because they were not intimate enough.

I don’t do casual. I love all out.

I want to know the light behind my lover’s smile and the darkness behind his eyes. I will share my dreams, fears and most hard earned wisdom.

I want tender kisses on my face when I crawl into bed and beautiful talks into the night. I will create a safe haven for nourishing touch.

Emotional intimacy deeply turns me on. I have no time or energy for surface relationships. The security of routine feels nice but without depth it won’t last. If I am going to invest in love, it needs to be good. It needs to be intimate. And if it is…

It is sacred.



Have you experienced the richness of depth and intimacy?

How intimate do you like it?

What outfit are you wearing?
Chicken Soup For The Introvert Soul


Brenda Knowles is the creator of space2live.net, a site about introversion, relationships and intimacy. She’s a sensual suburban mom with a penchant for faceted words and faceted people. She’s currently working on a book and publishing her writing internationally.

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  1. July 1, 2014 @ 6:05 AM Erika

    You put into words my deepest struggles in my current relationship. I have the routine and “safety” that many crave but to me it’s not enough. Thank you for letting me see that it’s okay to want more and that I am not alone in my seeking. Beautifully written.


    • July 9, 2014 @ 6:18 AM Brenda Knowles

      That emotional intimacy is so key for many introverts. It gives us energy, beautiful energy. When entering or maintaining a relationship we want something very special, because the alternative is to be alone and that isn’t all that bad either ;)


  2. July 9, 2014 @ 6:50 AM The Intimate Introvert on Sacred Introvert Space | space2live

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  3. July 9, 2014 @ 7:11 AM Dr. Clark Roush


    You are such an amazing person!! I would cherish the opportunity to sit and talk for hours as we drink coffee and share. Thanks for being a voice in the wilderness for others. Blessings on you and your day!!


    • July 10, 2014 @ 9:21 AM Brenda Knowles

      Wouldn’t that be fun and interesting — to get together and chat over coffee! I have a feeling you are quite faceted Clark.:) I’ve been dreaming about doing a world tour and visiting some of the incredible people I have met through space2live. Thank you for all of your kind words and support.


  4. July 9, 2014 @ 10:49 AM Casey Sheridan

    Beautifully written, Brenda.


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