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Sacred Introvert Space is a community blog for introvert identified people, where we can openly share and discuss introversion related topics and support each other.

To get a flavor for what we are all about, have a look at the Sacred Introvert website/ and facebook page.

Submission Guidelines:

We are open to original previously unpublished work from anyone, located on any part of this planet (and beyond) with a bio and images for inclusion in SI Space.

-Please submit 700-1500 words. We want to provide substance but not lose the reader’s attention.

-Note: If any part of your work has been published previously, you must inform us in writing -or you legally guarantee our right to publish. If your work has been published previously elsewhere online, please update your article with a slightly new title and/or intro. This allows Google and other search engines to pick up the article as a new, unique article.

Expect edits. This doesn’t mean that your article isn’t already great—but we may need to tailor your work to our audience and/or to fit our layout, particularly if your submission is on the long side. This includes images! We want to include your images where possible, but reserve the right to choose what we use for final publication, for aesthetic reasons and / or copyright issues.
-If accepted and published, please feature your SI Space work on your web site, in your portfolio, etc.—the more you feature it in your personal sphere, and email it to friends, the more traction and traffic it will get.
-Please include a brief, fun (one to two sentences) bio with photo. (include email or web address, twitter, facebook or instagram—we’ll tag you!).

Writing Guidelines:

-The post submitted should be submitted by the author themselves, not a publicist or assistant.  Authenticity is very important to us here at SI Space.  Any material copied or not properly referenced with not be published.

-Write about introversion.  It can be a personal story, challenging experience with solutions, wisdom, funny experience. Whatever a you want to write as long as it stays on a positive, encouraging, helpful, funny/ironic side.

-Feel free to take it in a whole new creative direction as far as introversion is concerned.

-We prefer to stay away from introvert stereotypes as they don’t tend to fully represent our diverse group. Introvert stereotypes often perpetuate a stagnant view of introversion.

-Choose your words carefully and conservatively and keep it light and readable.

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