Simon Says Stop

I’m an introvert. I like routine. There I said it.

Our introvert nature has a strong sense of discernment. When is it time to break with the “Simon Says” crowd and just “STOP”?  My own ideas about it are shared here at Elephant Journal.

What are your thoughts? Share them here or at Elephant.

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Lisa Avebury is a Sacred Introvert who is a world traveler, animal rescuer, social activist, stone circle enthusiast, art lover and volunteer. In her spare time you may find her watching countless hours of “Time Team” on Youtube cuddled up to her best bud “Douglas Fur”. Lisa is the founder of Sacred Introvert and she has been offering therapeutic, healing work in LA and via Skype since 1995.

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  1. September 28, 2014 @ 6:00 AM Renee

    I am an introvert too and for so long I was also labeled difficult or picky. It used to bother me so much! Now I don’t let other people’s labels offend me. Its just their perception after all. But I find that sometimes I will try and force myself to do something just because I don’t want to seem like a quitter. And that hardly ever works out. There is a interesting difference subtle between working hard and simply pushing yourself. And you only realize this if you are very quiet and very respectful of yourself. So thanks for walking us through your journey with this. :) I could so relate. As an introvert its often hard to find our tribe…. Sites like this one help. :)


    • September 28, 2014 @ 7:17 PM Lisa Avebury

      Hi Renee, First of all your are so welcome. It can be hard and a little bit sad when people don’t “get” you who are people you consider good friends. But I think a bit of that was I didn’t get myself. Once I really understood I was an introvert and embraced all the wonderful, positive and empowering knowledge that came with that understanding my world shifted. I so wish I knew sooner as had I maybe I could have been clearer with the people that didn’t understand. It’s what pushed me to offer this site as a place to go and talk about it. So getting feedback like yours makes me very happy. Thank YOU for sharing!


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