Keep Posting Those Memes 

I’m proud of every introvert who talks about introversion. Every person who shares introvert memes on Facebook or Twitter. Some people say that we are more than where we fall on the introversion/extroversion spectrum, and while they have a point, I say it’s also important to know about ourselves. For introverts, talking and thinking about…


Introverted Mama

To the average introvert, I’m somewhat of an oddity. Not only do I have children, but I have five. Of those five, two of them are diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. I think at this point, one must wonder how I manage to get through the day, let alone find some “me” time. I never planned…

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What outfit are you wearing?

How many times have you been told how to be? Or how not to be? Possibly hundreds.  You may have learned that introspection, sensitivity and reticence get lost in the ether drowned out by sociability, spontaneity and loud. Being quiet is not ok; needing time alone is not ok; being you is not ok. If you…


The Intimate Introvert

I write intimately. I live intimately. I love intimately. I suppose this way of being is largely due to the way I process everything — deeply. This introverted way of taking in the world only allows for quality, not quantity. Too much stimulation and too many interactions and I become edgy, irritable and overwhelmed. Although…


Chicken Soup For The Introvert Soul

7 Ways To Create A Balanced, Peaceful Life   We all seek for it, we all crave for it, and our thirst for it is more often than not, insatiable.  “Is it ever really possible to have a perfectly balanced life”, we are prone to wonder.  “Can I really ever be at peace?”   As introverts,…

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