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Dating Tips for Introverts

Dating can be stressful for anyone, but for those of us who identify as introverts, the task can seem daunting. Here are 12 tips I created specifically for introverts (but can work for anyone!) for the conscious dating site “MeetMindful”. Would love to hear your feedback and if you have one of your own, share…


Three Ways to Escape the Comparison Trap

It’s all too easy to compare ourselves to extroverts It’s a (sometimes uncomfortable) fact that our Western world seems to be set up for extroverts. As introverts, we repeatedly bump up against assumptions that the extroverted way of doing any given thing is the normal one. In fact, historically, we introverts were defined in terms…


I am a Writer

“Find love in anything or anyone and breathe it in and then breathe that love back out.” This is the message that I wrote to my friends one night as I was thinking, thinking, thinking: as most introverts do. Introverts are thinkers. It’s been a proven fact. However, in what ways do we think? I…


Just Introverted

“I wish I was someone else.” I often uttered these words to myself my sophomore year of high school. I was at a new school and was struggling to make friends. This was a small school so the new kids were easy to spot. My first day I was swarmed by a group of smiling…

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