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Sacred Introvert Space is a community dedicated to validating and uplifting the introvert profile as well as providing a resource where anyone can come to learn more about individual introvert perspectives.

Join us as a writer to share your thoughts, feelings and observations on life through an introvert lens.

Join us as a witness to find common ground in your personal journey as an introvert.


Sacred Introvert Space: Giving voice to the many beautiful faces of introversion



Sacred Introvert’s Creator and Founder is Lisa Avebury. Lisa is a “Sacred Introvert” who only realized recently how much this has shaped her own life and responses to it. Having become a self proclaimed “Introvert Activist” , she hopes to not only empower other introverts to honor the SI in themselves but to educate the rest of the world on what it really means to be an introvert. The ultimate goal being, bring about a deeper understanding of the introvert point of view. Lisa has been doing healing work in Los Angeles since 1995. You can find her at www.circleseeker.com




About Sacred Introvert

Sacred Introvert is a website, blog and more.

Sacred Introvert was created to foster “Quality Intimacy” among the introvert community and beyond.

To do this we are creating a forum for introverts, quiet people, shy people and anyone wishing to expand their understanding of what it means to be an introvert. Community blogging, social media, workshops and the first ever “Sacred Introvert Retreat Tour” will be offered as a way of creating communication, sharing and connection.

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SI is committed to furthering the understanding of the true meaning and characteristics of “introvert”. Working towards debunking the introvert myths that have followed the word introvert for far too long. The founder, Lisa Avebury who is a self proclaimed introvert activist, is working towards fostering environments where introverts are understood and offered tools and space to express their true nature. This allows their gifts to not only shine but to be utilized.

We here at Sacred Introvert are also vested in helping extroverts understand the introverts in their lives.

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