Just Introverted

“I wish I was someone else.” I often uttered these words to myself my sophomore year of high school. I was at a new school and was struggling to make friends. This was a small school so the new kids were easy to spot. My first day I was swarmed by a group of smiling…


Simon Says Stop

I’m an introvert. I like routine. There I said it. Our introvert nature has a strong sense of discernment. When is it time to break with the “Simon Says” crowd and just “STOP”?  My own ideas about it are shared here at Elephant Journal. What are your thoughts? Share them here or at Elephant.


What is a Sacred Introvert?

When Sacred Introvert showed up in my consciousness last year it seemed to appear fully formed. Immediately I headed to my local Apple store and enlisted a creative to help put the logo I could see in my mind’s eye to paper. It took just 40 minutes to do. Once I had the logo Sacred…


Every Moment is This Moment

I’ve been reflecting the past few weeks on what it means to be a “sacred introvert.” The insight came when most insights do: in the shower. Or more specifically, when I stepped out of the shower. I stood there on a small light blue bath mat, dripping with a towel wrapped around me, looking at…

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